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20T/24H Wheat Flour Milling Machine

Small capacity 20T/24H wheat flour milling machine suitable for new starters and small scale business
complete production line from cleaning, washing, milling, sifting to packing with all accessories 
produce high quality wheat flour for bakery, noodles, chapatti and other kinds of foods.
  • 5XXM
  • Green Torch
  • 84378000

20T/24H wheat flour milling machine process wheat 20T in a whole day 24Hours. 

this wheat flour mill is a small capacity wheat flour machine suitable for new starters and small scale business.

The 20T/24H wheat flour mill machine have following advantage:

  1.   Stainless steel pipes in the whole system, much durable and good for healthy.

  2.  washing machine wash wheat very clean, in same time loose the bran of wheat, easy for milling and get fine flour

  3. two times sifting, first round sifter sifting, second double sifter sifting, confirm final flour much white and fine.

  4. packing system can be automatic and can be manual depend on client needing.

the 20T/24H wheat four mill photo: 

20T wheat flour mill machine