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30T/24H Maize Milling Machine Complete Line

30T/24H maize milling machine complete production line
Maize cleaning -- dampning-- degerminating-- milling -- packing with all accessories.
Produce super white maize meal, maize flour, breakfast meal, super fine maize flour depend on client needing
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  • Green Torch
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30T/24Hmaize milling machine is a middle capacity maize mil which mill raw maize into good quality maize flour, maize meal, maize grits. and the by products maize germ and bran can be the good material of animal feed.

Capacity processing maize 30T in 24hours
Extraction rate of maize mill machine 1) Super maize meal: 60-78% maize germ and bran:22%-40%

2) Special maize meal: 65%-80% maize germ and bran 20%-35%

3) Maize samp: 10-50% super maize meal: 10-50%

Special maize meal: 10%(around) fine flour: 10%(around)

maize flour milling plant Workshop (L×W×H):30m×8m×6m
maize mill Power supply
About 97KW
Container 1*40GP
Production time
Around 30 days after sign the contract 

30T-24H maize mill

Technical flow of maize milling machine:

Maize storage--Maize cleaning--damping--degerminating--milling--packing with all accessories:

1. Raw maize from the storage silos or warehouse.

2. Cleaning system: remove all kinds impurities by maize cleaner, destoner, Magnetic separator, etc.

3. Dampening: moisture maize then maize sleep in the conditioning silos half to 2 hours, make the surface of maize become loose, easy to remove.

4. degerminating system: crash maize and remove germ and bran by germ selector, to get big size super pure maize grits

5. Milling system: milling the pure maize grits in to good quality small size grits, flour depend on market needing(machine can be adjust depend on production needing

6. Flour packing by manual or automatic packing machines depend on needing