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40T/24H maize milling plant

Professional Automaitic running 40T/24H maize milling machine
Complete production line from cleaning-damping-conditioning-degerminating-milling-siting-auto-packing with all accessories.
Stainless steel pipes in Whole system
stainless steel pipes
  • 5XYM
  • Green Torch
  • 84378000

40T/24H maize milling machine is a middle capacity maize mill which mill raw maize into good quality maize flour, maize meal, maize grits. and the by products maize germ and bran can be the good material of animal feed.

Advantage of this 40T/24H maize milling machine line: 

  1.   Stainless steel pipes in whole system

  2.  stainless steel dampers 

  3. Professional  degerminator remove out germ and bran 

  4. 5sets big roller mill and 2 sets enlarge double bin sifters work togeter

  5. Auto packing machines can pack 1-5KG/bag, 10-25KG/bag, and 25-50KG/bag depend on needing

Tecnical drawing of 40T/24H maize mill: 

technical drawint