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50T/24H Maize Milling Machine

50T/24H maize milling line is the popular medium capacity professional for maize flour factory production.
Complete production line from cleaning-conditioning-degerminating-milling-sifting-packing with all accessories.
Stainless steel pipes in whole system, much durable.
  • 5XYM-50
  • Green Torch

The 50T/24H maize milling machine is a professional maize flour and grits production line, most popular in the maize milling factory.

Process 50T maize in 24Hours
Product typemaize grits, maize flour, maize bran;
Product yieldmaize grits: about 45-55%,
maize flour:  about20-30%;
maize bran: 25% or so;
maize grits and maize flour total yield: 70-80%
Sand content in final productnot more than 0.002g/kg;
Magnetic metal contentnot more than 0.003g/kg;
Water preservable13.5-14.5%
Fat content0.5-1%

Technical design of 50T/24H maize flour milling machinery:

1.Maize Cleaning system: cleaning maize, remove out all kinds of impurities; 

2.Maize moisture system:maize moisture damper and moisture bin, both are stianless steel materials

3.Maize Degerminating :degerminator and aspirator, Adopt Japanese Satake technology

4.Maize milling and sifting system: adopt European standard roller mills and sifters,  

5.Maize mill machine with Auto-packaging machine, pack in the flour in 1-5KG/bag, 10-25KG/bag, or 50KG/bag depend on client needing.

6.Pipe in whole system we adopt stainless steel pipes.