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72T-100T/24H Maize Milling Plant

European standard 72-100T/24H maize milling machine, full automatic running from cleaning, milling to packing.
European standard Pneumatic roller mills
Stainless steel material used on complete line pipes, moisture damper, condtioning bins, flour bins
  • 5XYM-72
  • Green Torch
  • 84378000

1. technical flow of our maize milling machine:

Maize storage--Maize cleaning--damping--degerminating--milling--packing with all accessories:

1. raw maize  from the storage silos or warehouse.

2. Cleaning system: remove all kinds impurities by maize cleaner, destoner, Magnetic separator, etc.

3. Dampening&conditioning: moisture maize then maize sleep in the conditioning silos half to 2 hours, make the surface of maize become loose, easy to remove.

4. degerminating system: crash maize and remove germ and bran by germ selector, to get big size super pure maize grits.

5. Milling &sifting system: milling and sifting the pure maize grits in to good quality small size grits, flour depend on market needing(machine can be adjust depend on production needing.

6. Flour packing by manual or automatic packing machines depend on needing.

72T-24H maize milling machine

72T/24H maize milling machine

The advantage of our 72-100T/24H maize milling machine: 

1.double layer Stainless steel damper, moisture maize evenly,  contact with water, adopt stainless steel much durable 2. stainless steel moisture bin, wet maize sleep here, much durable than Galvanized steel or iron materials

stainless steel damper

stainless steel bin

3. Advance degerminator design, remove both maize husk and bran, special black part, ensure final flour super white and pure

4. European standard Pneumatic roller mills, High precision, automatic operation, high technlogy 

Advanced technology maize milling machine for fine maize flour (1)

roller mill

5. Enlarge double bin sifter, sifting maize material into different standard products, like maize flour, maize meal, maize grits, samp, etc.
6. Stainless steel pipes in whole system, much durable, long time service. Lifetime 2-3 times thanthan Galvanized steel or iron materials

double sifter

stainles steel pipes

7. Micro Dosser, which can add the Vitamins and Nutrients, produce the fortification flour depend on different market needs.

Torch screen control system, one-torch start, display screen show each machine running condition, easy operate

Micro Dosser Vitamin adding machine

touch screen control panel