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New installed mung bean seed cleaning machine

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The new installed mung bean cleaning machine start to running recelty in our local client factory. 

Our seed cleaning machine technical as follow:

1. screen cleaning machine with air dust system: Primary cleaning system, cleaning out big, small and light impurities. like dust, straw, awn, grass seed, stone and so on

2. gravity destoner: clean out the stone and heavy impurities

3. gravity separator: remove out the broken seed, insect damaged seed, moldy seed, broken seed and so on.

4. polishing machine: polish the grains make the sufacec much bright.

The clean rate can reach to 99.9% after this line cleaning. 

for exporting purpose, some clients also coose one set manual picking system to adopt manual picking out the balance damaged  seeds  that hard to select out by machines, like the bran are eaten by insect but still like a full beans .

Green Torch supply you the complete customized seed cleaning machines, contact with us freely if you need the seed cleaning machines