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Sesame Seed Cleaning And Processing Machine

Sesame cleaning machine complete line, capacity 2T/H to 10T/H
sesame cleaning and color sorting, to get super pure sesame 
auto-packing system 
  • 5XFS
  • Green Torch
  • 8437109000

Sesame seed cleaning and processing machine technical flow :

1. Seed air screen cleaner-- Primary clean up, remove out big and small impurities

2. Gravity destoner--Remove out stones, glass, blocks and so on.

3. gravity Seperator-- Remove out the moldy seed, insect damaged seed, not full seed, and so on.

4. color sorter-- sorting out the different color materials, make final products much purities.

5. seed grader-- grading the seed into different level size depend on needing

6. auto-packing machine-- pack the final products in different KG bags, 1-50KG/bag depend on client needing

7. air dust cleaning system-- keep the workshop in good Good working environment

3D Technical drawing:

seed cleaning machine