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Tips for buying seed cleaning and processing machinery

Jul. 22, 2020

Seed cleaning and processing is further deep processing towards higher commercialization after the basic processing purity of the seeds reaches more than 90%. Among them, the removal of various impurities in seed materials is the first step in the commercialization of seed processing. People hope that the higher the purity of the seed, the better, but the higher of the purity, the greater of the difficulty, like to extract pure gold, only 99%, not 100%. Knowing and understanding this regularity is necessary for scientific and reasonable selection of seed cleaning and processing machinery.

1. Seed impurities, all kinds of strange, different nature

According to the geometric size, there are big and small impurities; according to the length and short, there are long and short impurities; according to the weight, there are light and heavy impurities. Even if they are all light-weight, there are still light-weight hybrids, density (specific gravity) light-weight hybrids and relatively light-weight hybrids. There are differences in color, which is called heterochromatic grains, and it is also a kind of seed impurity classification...

The nature of impurities is different, and the method of removal is also different. Different methods of removal inevitably require different principles of machinery, which determines the diversity of seed processing machinery. To purchase machinery, to be practical, first of all understand the properties of the main impurities, and strive to be targeted.


All kinds of grain seeds


2. General principles for purchasing machinery

With different principles of seeds machinery, the impurities or functions removed during the seed cleaning are emphasized. Among them, the principles and types of cleaning machinery are more,  and purchase should be careful. Generally refer to the following principles:

(1) Clear seeds are significantly lighter in weight than good seeds, and there is a clear difference between the size and the good seeds. The air sieve cleaning machine should be preferred. This machine is currently the most commonly used.

(2) When there are obvious differences in length and size, and there are still long or short impurities that cannot be removed after the wind screening process, you should try to select the hole-type screen cleaning machine.

Air screen cleaning machine

Air screen cleaning machine

(3) After being processed by the air sieve cleaning machine and the hole-type screen cleaning machine, the clarity has been significantly improved, and the particle size is relatively uniform, but there are still some such as shriveled grains in maize, moth-eaten maize, ear rot maizes ; Shriveled maizes, insect sucking maize, shelled grains in wheat; shriveled wheat, powdery mildew grain wheat, bud paddy in paddy; worm-eaten paddy, diseased paddy, wrinkled grains in beans..., more impurities above Impurities belonging to density (specific gravity) tend to be similar to good seeds in weight, and even heavier than good seeds, which cannot be removed by non-specific gravity selection machinery. With the development of seed industry, the cleaning machine of gravity type is becoming more and more popular.

Gravity cleaning machine

Gravity cleaning machine

(4) Of course, some seeds need to be threshed, seeded, clean mans,cotton seed delinting , polished, and de-stoned before cleaning, and then the corresponding machinery must be equip for processing. If the corn seeds are processed from the corn cob, the threshing and cleaning machine should be selected; the cotton seeds need to be delinting, and the most suitable delinting machine should be selected; the awn needs to be removed from the paddy, and the awn removal machine should be selected.

Grain hulling and cleaning machine

Grain hulling and cleaning machine

If the seeds have been cleaned up to the standard, they need to be further processed, such as mixing medicine, coating, pelletizing, as well as metering and packaging, and corresponding machinery needs to be purchased.

Seed coating machine

Seed coating machine

3. Selection of manufacturers

The purpose of purchasing machinery is to better production and management and create wealth, rather than simple direct consumption. This determines the necessity of investigating manufacturers before purchasing machinery. You can go straight to the factory to inspect the company's history, scale, culture, professionalism, management level, product quality, product compatibility, and service commitment. You can also understand the credibility and reputation of the manufacturers in the society through inquiry, and it is very important to investigate the evaluation of the old users of each manufacturer. In short, for purchasers, the most important thing is to examine the integrity of the company. At the same time, we should carefully understand the technical performance, manufacturing quality, after-sales service and reasonable sales price of the manufacturer's products.

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