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Why Choose Green Torch Seed Machinery As your professional seed cleaning machine partner?

Apr. 07, 2021

Green Torch Seed Machinery support whole year 300Day 24Hours continue full loading work. Machine lifetime 10-15 years .

Advantage of Green Torch grain cleaning and processing machines:

1. Strong durable Channel steel to make the platform and support and Traction frame, makes the whole machine running much stable and durable in high-intensity continuous full-load work. Channel steel traction frame, does not deform during traction will protect the whole machine well during moving, and seed can reach to 10KM/H with tractors.

Strengthen the spiral support to make the equipment more stable during vibration work


2.All steel sheets from Chinese famous brand Shougang Group, Bao steel Group, Strictly comply with national and industry standards. the steel sheet is flatter and the overall performance is always stable, not deformed in High-intensity and long-term vibrating work, machine lifetime much longer.


3.Bucket elevators adopt the ultra-low speed non broken bucket elevator, protect all grains completeness during transportation, Green Torch Special design for grain seed cleaning and processing.


4.All the blowing fans supply air power during seed cleaning, The fan impellers angle is accurate and reasonable, have passed the dynamic balance and static balance test,  make sure the Stable air volume and pressure,  make the whole machine running stable and clean the dust, light impurities well with low noise.


5.No dead corner, easy cleaning up, prevention of mechanical mixing of seeds: Since the same crops have different varieties, the cleaning equipment is prone to mechanical mixing due to unclean cleaning, which affects the quality of seeds. All equipment of our company has done corner treatment, there is no dead corner, easy to clean up, to ensure the purity of seeds, suitable various kinds of grains seed cleaning and processing.


6.We Green Torch Seed Machinery is the earliest seed machinery company build by The Ministry of Agriculture of China, is a State Owned Company, always committed to providing the best quality seed machinery to all clients.

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