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how to provide overseas installation services for grain seed cleaning machines and maize/wheat milling machines projects at the moment of COVID-19

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As a production-type medium and large-scale equipment, the grain seed cleaning machines and maize milling equipment is assembled with many single-machines, pipelines and other accessories parts. The larger the capacity of the maize mill equipment, the more single machines and the more complicated the installation.

72T-24H maize milling machine

 72T/24H maize milling mahcine in South Africa

Normally, the grain seed cleaning machines and maize milling machines are completed producted in the factory, after a series of quality inspections, the machines  can be arrange the shipment. In order to save the number and volume of containers used, maize mill plants  will not be installed in our supplier factory, but will be assembled after being transported to the customer's factory. 

load the grain cleaning and flour milling machines

load the grain seed cleaning and flour milling machines

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, all our grain seed cleaning machines and maize milling plants were install and train by our Chinese engineers . Since the breakout of COVID-19, our engineers have experienced the rapid spread of the COVID-19 around the world, the price of air tickets has skyrocketed, and  difficult to get a ticket, in everywhere facing the Risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. In order to ensure the safety of customers and engineers, we have chosen not to arrange Chinese engineers to go abroad.

machines installed in Client factory

machines installed in Client factory

So a new question comes, how can we provide foreign customers with good installation services in the current COVID-19 situation?

First of all, our factory provides installation instruction video service. For small capacity maize milling machines and seed cleaning machines , the capacity is less than 50T/24H, such as 20T/24H maize mill, 30T/24H maize mill, 3-10T/2H grain seed cleaning machines, we will first install the equipment in our own factory, and take a guide video during the installation. For small equipment, the technological process is relatively simple and occupy area is small. It is the most economical way for customers to provide guidance and installation videos to assist customers machine the installation work. And after the installation of the equipment is completed, when disassembling the maize mills, in the case of ensuring that the container can be loaded, the compete milling line will be disassembled into several big parts, and the installation will be very smooth for the customer.

machines installed in our factory

Machines intsalling in our factory 

In the negotiation with the customer, the installation video be provided to guide the installation, is a good way to handle the installation problem, but it still can’t give the customer enough sense of security. The customer was worried about what to do if the equipment had quality problems. After all, it is a international business, very hard to exercise recourse against suppliers. Fortunately, we Green Torch Seed Machinery, as a Chinese state-owned enterprise gives customers more security. In fact, during the self-installation process, customers do face many kinds of big and small problem, but through our video conference and other methods, they all have been properly resolved.

good feedback from client

Good feedback from Client 

For large-scale equipment, such as corn equipment with an output of more than 50T, due to the complex process, the video-guided installation can no longer satisfy the stable and smooth installation of the maize milling machines. Fortunately, our customer friends give us best support, introduced the local qualified engineers to our company. After examining the customers' theory and actual installation, we determined that the engineers from Zambia had guided the installation of many maize mills projects from China to Africa. He has a wealth of installation experience, and has guided the installation of a 50T corn equipment of our company.

qualified engineer do the installation work

qualified engineer do the installation work 

"We are always trust Chinese state-owned enterprises like you." our client said. whether it is the quality of equipment or after-sales service, Green Torch Team will strive to do our best to supply the best solutions for your grain seed cleaning and  maize/flour mill and grain seed cleaning machine projects.