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Analysis of Seed Air Screen Cleaner

Feb. 19, 2021

Seed Air Screen Cleaner can change the screen according to the size of grains, suitable for corn, soybean, wheat, rice, sunflower seeds and other miscellaneous grains. This machine does not produce dust when cleaning grain, which greatly changes the working environment of the machine. The seed cleaning machine of this product is equipped with a centrifugal fan, a dust collector, and a closed air discharger, which is convenient to move, and the cleaning degree can reach more than 90%. The cleaning capacity is: 10 tons/hour.

Seed Air Screen Cleaner

Seed Air Screen Cleaner

The technological requirements of grain processing can only be realized by using the seed cleaning machine to assist the corresponding equipment of the seed cleaning machine.

In recent years, through the development of single machines to complete sets of equipment and the digestion and absorption of imported equipment, grain processing equipment has met the requirements of processing technology to a certain extent. Seed cleaning machine In order to further improve the development level and make the mechanical performance of the equipment meet the design requirements, and meet the needs of on-site processing and equipment debugging, the seed cleaning machine must pay attention to the mechanical seed cleaning machine while considering the structure and technology of the equipment. Parameters and performance testing to meet the requirements of ever-increasing processing technology.

Grain cleaners often use sesame, soybeans, wheat, corn, grains, tea, pepper, tea seeds, rapeseed, melon seeds, etc. in agricultural production. Grain cleaners can be used. Some of them need to be removed during harvest, and some before processing. Impurities need to be removed, but no matter what the seed cleaning machine is to distinguish the substances and materials that are different from the material itself, usually the impurities contained in the crops are lighter, or the shape is different from the material. With the characteristics of impurities, the seed cleaning machine always has a suitable grain cleaning machine to distinguish them.

When removing impurities with different shapes and materials in the material, or removing the same impurities as the quality of the material and the seed cleaning machine, you can choose a linear vibrating screen with a certain setting. During work, its two symmetrical vibrating motors will run at the same time to make the screen The surface produces a forward force, combined with the force of the heavy seed cleaning machine caused by the angle of the machine itself to push the material, so that impurities with different shapes and materials fall to the set receiving port, and impurities with different qualities will be in the same sieve with the material. When the noodles fall, their falling directions happen to be separated. A seed cleaner is left and the other is right. We are Seed Air Screen Cleaner Manufacturer, welcome to contact us.

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