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How to Arrange the Seed Processing Equipment?

Apr. 13, 2021

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 Seeds Cleaning Machine

 Seeds Cleaning Machine

1. The layout of the equipment should be cost-effective

Under the condition that the normal operation of each equipment is satisfied, the equipment layout should be arranged in accordance with the shape of the land purchased by the factory.

It can be used as much as possible, and the waste-free plots can be used as roads, stockyards, and parking lots in the factory to facilitate the operation of the consumption line. Assuming that the factory plans to be constructed in phases, the installation space for the equipment of each phase should be reserved in advance to facilitate the installation of equipment in each phase in the future.

2. The layout of the equipment should be compact

In the case of meeting the operating requirements of various equipment, the consumption line can be arranged as compact as possible to save the length of auxiliary transportation equipment. This will not only waste equipment promotion costs, but also increase the electricity demand during the operation of the factory.

3. The layout of the equipment should conform to the criteria for convenient use

There should be a wide enough passage between each equipment to facilitate the operators to move between the equipment, observe the operation of the equipment, and adjust the duty parameters of each equipment in a timely manner. If necessary, platforms and ladders should be arranged around the equipment. It is convenient for operators to adjust the control buttons or handwheels on the equipment and to change the obligatory parts such as sieves and sieve cylinders in the equipment when the seed variety changes.

There should be as few pits as possible in each plant to facilitate the liquidation obligations when the factory changes varieties. Equipment erected at high places should be designed with corresponding maintenance platforms or corridors to facilitate equipment maintenance obligations before the end of the processing season (mainly adding lubricating oil, grease, changing worn and aging parts), and during processing time. And the maintenance obligations after the end (mainly reflecting on the integrity of the equipment, changing the worn parts, etc.).

4. Layout of the equipment control cabinet

The electric control cabinet of each work section should be arranged in the factory to facilitate the passage, and it is convenient to observe the position of the consumption line of the whole work section, so that when there is an emergency, the worker can quickly approach the electric control cabinet and use the emergency stop switch to stop the consumption line of the whole work section. Operation to prevent accidents.

5. Safety protection measures during equipment operation

If the height of the exposed moving parts is within the reach of human hands, it is necessary to manufacture protective covers and other maintenance equipment to prevent workers' hair and clothing from getting involved in the machine and ensure the safety of operators.

For transportation equipment such as belt conveyors installed outdoors, an outdoor emergency stop switch should be installed nearby. The outdoor equipment in the air should be equipped with emergency stop switches where workers can observe the operation and are easy to touch. It is convenient for operators to brake urgently.

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