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How to Choose a Corn Threshing and Cleaning Machine?

Jan. 13, 2021

Grain processing machinery Autumn is the harvest season of corn, and corn thresher also enters the peak sales season. High-quality agricultural machinery can save farmers a lot of worry and effort in production. Then, in the face of a variety of different brands of corn threshing and cleaning machines, how should consumers choose? Below Seed Air Screen Cleaner Manufacturer to learn about how to buy corn threshing and cleaning machines.

Seeds Cleaning Machine

Seeds Cleaning Machine

1. The safety warning signs must be complete and standardized. Generally, there should be sexual safety warning signs on the blower port, feed inlet, discharge port, vibration motor and elevator of the corn threshing and cleaning machine to remind the operator to pay attention to safety.

2. Products that have obtained production licenses must be purchased. Since the electric corn seed cleaning machine threshing cleaning machine belongs to the production license management product, its safety is that consumers should check whether the production license number is affixed on the product when purchasing the corn threshing cleaning machine, and they can also log in " The website of the Industrial Products Production License Office verifies the authenticity of its production license. It is true that the corn threshing and cleaning machine products that have obtained the production license are strictly inspected by the relevant departments and approved by the seed cleaning machine. Under normal circumstances, the safety of the certified products is still guaranteed. You can rest assured to buy and cut. It is not possible to purchase corn threshing and cleaning products without a production license.

3. When purchasing, carefully read the operating performance data sheet and main technical parameters of the corn threshing and cleaning machine, and comprehensively consider the operating efficiency, scope of application, supporting power, energy consumption, removal rate, and impurities of the corn threshing and cleaning machine. Technical indicators such as rate, loss rate, etc., after comparing, choose economical and applicable models.

4 The safety protection device must be perfect, firm and reliable. All the high-speed rotating parts of the corn threshing and seed cleaning machine should have a strong and reliable protective cover or protective plate. Generally, the basic principle is that people's hands and feet are not easy to touch the high-speed rotating parts under working conditions.

5. When purchasing, carefully review the three guarantees of the corn threshing and cleaning machine, and choose a corn threshing and cleaning machine with a long three-guarantee period, a sound service network, and a guaranteed supply of damaged parts for easy seed cleaning.

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