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How to Better Use the Seed Selection Machine?

May. 14, 2021

The seed selection machine has a wide range of applications, and can be used to select wheat, corn and other seeds. At the same time, the operation requirements of this machine are very high, otherwise it is easy to damage the service life of the equipment. In fact, in addition to the usual correct operation, there is also the usual maintenance and maintenance, so as to make the selection machine last longer. As a Seed Air Screen Cleaner Manufacturer, share with you.

Seeds Cleaning Machine

Seeds Cleaning Machine

How to use the seed selection machine to ensure good use and longevity?


1. Add oil to the lubrication points before each operation, clean and check after the end, and troubleshoot in time.

2. Clean and inspect the equipment in time after the operation, and troubleshoot in time.

3. Do a good job of overhauling the equipment at ordinary times, and take preventive measures against possible problems.

How to use the seed selection machine to ensure good use and longevity?

Operation method:

1. The seed concentrator can be operated indoors if conditions permit. The parking place of the machine must be flat and solid, and the parking location should be considered convenient for dust removal.

2. Before operation, check whether the solid screws of each part are loose, whether the rotation is flexible, whether the working sound is normal, and whether the tension of the transmission tape is appropriate.

3. When changing the variety of work, be sure to remove the remaining seeds in the device and keep the machine running for 5-10 minutes. At the same time, switch the front and rear air volume adjustment handles several times to exclude the front, middle, and rear chambers and the deposition chamber. The remaining kinds of impurities. After confirming that no seed particles and impurities have flowed out of several storage chambers, the machine can be stopped, and the upper sieve surface can be removed first, and the lower sieve can be cleaned.

4. If the conditions are limited, when you must work outdoors, you should find a sheltered place to park and place the machine downwind to reduce the influence of wind on the selection effect. When the wind speed is greater than level 3, the installation of wind barriers should be considered.

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