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4 Kinds Grains Cleaning Use One Machine! Load the Seed Cleaning Machine for Our Pakistan Client

Sep. 24, 2020

Today we load Seed Cleaning Machine for our Pakistan client, he want clean the wheat, maize, paddy and mustard in one set seed cleaning machine, and he want grading the mustard in two size.

After our engineer research and design, we get the perfect seed cleaning machine to meet client needing.

4 Kinds Grains Cleaning Use One Machine!4 Kinds Grains Cleaning Use One Machine!

After 7days hard work, client’s seed cleaning machine was finished the production and testing, after our quality control department check, the seed cleaning machines are qualified to cleaning and grading the wheat, maize, paddy and mustard.

Today we load the container for our client. Every part of the seed cleaning machine will be packed well and fixed well in the container, to confirm there is no any damage during the sea transportation.

40 Years experience, Green Torch would like to supply best solution for your seed cleaning and processing machine project.

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