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About Green Torch Seed Cleaner

May. 21, 2021

Green Torch have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you meet all grain cleaning and seed cleaning needs. We have a variety of grain and seed cleaners, vibration separators, mobile and small seed cleaning and grain cleaning solutions.

Now, we introduce our seed cleaner and related machine:

Air Screen Machines


The wheat seed cleaning machine and the small seed cleaning machine are composed of a screening device, a winnowing device, an electric control device and a support device. It has the characteristics of small footprint, simple operation, high processing clarity, and convenient cleaning, which can effectively prevent mixing and ensure the purity of seeds. The plot seed cleaning machine is widely used in the cleaning of various grains, especially for wheat, corn, and rice seeds with a good selection and grading effect. The use of this seed cleaning instrument can greatly improve seed clarity, so that it can better serve the later experiments, breeding and other experiments. It can greatly improve the rigor of later experiments and make the measurement data more accurate.

Air screen seed cleaning machines mainly use the difference in geometric size and suspension speed of seeds and inclusions for cleaning and winnowing. Screening is based on the difference of the geometric size of the seeds, configure the appropriate specifications of the screen, and achieve the purpose of separation under the reciprocating motion of the screen. Screening also uses the difference in suspension speed to remove light impurities. Air sieve cleaning machine is mainly used for the primary and basic cleaning of wheat, soybean, corn and other seeds.

Air Screen Machines, grain cleaners are very economical and easy to maintain. We provide a variety of machines, including four different sizes of air screening machines for you to choose from. Our basic equipment has the same heavy-duty structure as the large-scale equipment.

The maintenance of our equipment is simple. Shoes can be easily changed for different types of cleaning, and modules for air separation metering and feeding and additional screen area available are provided. The precision air screen cleaner provides the most advanced air system on the market, making it an ideal choice for difficult separations. The ultra-fine cleaner includes a vibrating screen feeder, pre-suction and post-suction, electronic control, flexible screening flow and air lift fan.

Seed Air And Screen Grading Cleaner and seed cleaner have a variety of options and configurations. We build customized grain cleaning and seed cleaning solutions according to your specific needs.

seed cleaner and grader.jpg


Air Screen Cleaning and Grading Machine, used for seed cleaning or grain cleaning.

Seed Air Screen Cleaner, used for seed cleaning or grain cleaning.

Seed Air Screen Cleaner is a low-cost initial investment.

The basic unit of Seed Air Screen Cleaner has the same heavy-duty structure as the large unit.

Seed Air Screen Cleaner is very economical to maintain.

Seed Air Screen Cleaner shoes can be easily replaced for different types of cleaning.

Seed Air Screen Cleaner air separation metering supply module and additional screen area available

Seed Air Screen Cleaner is composed of screening device, winnowing device, electric control device and bracket device. It occupies a small area, is easy to operate, has high processing clarity, and is easy to clean. It can effectively prevent mixing and ensure the purity of seeds.

The Seed Air Screen Cleaner rubber ball is made of a special formula, and its elasticity is greatly improved compared with the traditional rubber ball, and it is resistant to low temperature and aging, which can ensure a good cleaning effect.

The Air Screen Cleaning and Grading Machine screen is made of galvanized steel sheet, which is processed by a computerized automatic punching machine, which has good rust prevention ability and accuracy.

Air Screen Cleaning and Grading machine is suitable for all kinds of grains, especially for wheat, corn and rice seeds with a good selection and grading effect.

Grain Cleaner and Seed Cleaner


Grain cleaning is an indispensable link after the grain is harvested. After the grains are cleaned, seeds of uniform quality and size can be obtained. The cleaned seeds have removed most of the seeds from diseases and insect pests, which reduces the possibility of future infections, reduces the content of weeds in the field, and the crops grow neatly and maturely, which is conducive to mechanized operations.

Grain Cleaner and Seed Cleaner is a medium-sized solution with industrial quality and reasonable price. Our Grain Cleaner and Seed Cleaner is your low-cost initial investment for grain cleaning or seed cleaning needs. Our basic unit has the same heavy-duty structure as the large unit, and the maintenance cost is very low. The screen can be easily replaced to clean different types of products. They have modules for air separation, metering and other areas. We offer many customization options, including clean seed output, dust solutions, feed hopper extensions, debarker feeders and other product screens.

Grain Cleaner and Seed Cleaner


Ultra-low speed bucket elevator, no broken on seed processing.

Simple install and high Efficient for all kinds of beans seed cleaning and processing

Closed air dust cleaning system keep the whole factory in good working environment

Customized design depend on different production area wheat/paddy growing condition

Adjust this machine suitable for all kinds of grains seed cleaning and processing

The gentle vibrating feeder has zero damage to crops.

Radical design can handle rough materials.

All standard bearings and replacement parts.

Large air settling chamber can realize uniform and accurate air separation.

Mini Air Grain Cleaning Machine


Mini Air Grain Cleaning Machine mainly uses the difference in geometric size and suspension speed of seeds and inclusions for cleaning and winnowing.


Mini air sieve grain cleaning or seed cleaning machine.

Low-cost initial investment.

The basic unit has the same heavy structure as the large unit.

The filter is easy to replace and can be used for different types of cleaning.

The shoes can be easily changed for different types of cleaning.

Air separation metering supply module and additional screen area are available.

Mobile Grain Cleaning Machines


Mobile grain cleaners and seed cleaners are unmatched in quality and performance. They are easy to set up and you can clean them in any trash can site. If you are looking for high-capacity equipment, our mobile grain washing machine can provide up to 1,000 bu of barley malted barley per hour, and up to 1,500 bu after removing the debris. Our mobile grain cleaners and seed cleaners are available in various sizes, capacities and screening options.

Mobile Grain Cleaning Machines


Short set-up time

Clean at any trash can site

High capacity

Low HP below 5 HP

Ball clean / keep the screen clean

The screen area is very large

Balanced and smooth operation

Variable pitch, jitter and speed.

Seed Gravity Separator


Seed cleaning is an important part of seed processing and production. For the seeds after cleaning, their purity, germination rate, thousand-seed weight and other indicators have been significantly improved.

The gravity seed cleaning machine is highly adaptable. By adjusting the air volume of each section and changing different sieve beds, it can clean wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, beans, flax, rape and pasture seeds. The resulting seeds have a significant improvement in thousands (hundreds) of grain weight, purity, clarity, germination rate and germination potential.

According to the principle of the segregation of particles and density in the process of fluidization of granular materials, the machine adjusts the technical parameters such as wind pressure and amplitude to make the materials exchange the positions and produce stratification. The parts of heavier specific gravity settles downwards, and the parts of lower specific gravity drifts upwards. After entering the dropping area, the materials of different types are discharged from different parts according to the requirements, which has achieved the purpose of selection.

Seed Gravity Separator


Widely use, suitable for all kinds grain seeds, crops, Vegetable seeds and so on.

Widely improve the germination rate of all kinds grain seeds

Easy to operate, easy to change the screens, high reliability.

flexible to move speed can reach to 10KM/H, can mobile processing maize.

It can combine with air screen cleaner, destoner, coating machines to a complete production 

Seed Gravity Destoner


The gravity destoner use the principle of specific gravity segregation to distribute the heavier stones at the bottom of the table and the lighter seeds particles at the top. After stratification, the stones climb up though screen and fall down into the discharge box. At the same time, the lighter grain, cop material slides downward, drawing to collector, and realizing the separation of the finished seeds from the stone.

The seed gravity destoner can divide seeds and grains into different parts according to their packing density. This is advantageous when impurities and good products have similar shapes and colors but different densities

Seed Gravity Destoner


Widely use, suitable for all kinds grain seeds, crops, Vegetable seeds and so on.

Specially designed to remove same size stones with seed, more professional.

Grain Seed Processing Line

The processing line including: Pre-cleaner(for removing the dust and light impurities)--De-stoner(for removing the stones)--Gravity Separator(for removing the sticks and moldy sesame)---Vibration Grader(for removing the large and small impurities)--Silo--Packing machine(for packed the sesame in 50KG bags).

Grain Seed Processing Line

FAQ of Seed Cleaner

Factors to consider when choosing grain cleaning equipment

First of all, what do you expect from the equipment? What kind of result do you want?

Schultz said that the capacity requirements of grain cleaners, as well as equipment for conveying cleaners and transportation equipment, need to be correctly determined for loading or storage.

He said: "The last thing you need to do is the bottleneck."

Efficiency and capacity are important, and one factor affects another. "You don't want any accidents," Palmer said. "Educate yourself to avoid disappointment."

Melen said, don't just focus on the purchase price.

He said: "Assuming that performance is satiable, long-term cost of ownership should always be the primary consideration when comparing features between the various available options."

He said: "Although the initial expenditure of the equipment is the main consideration, the amount of maintenance and replacement parts required during the entire life of the equipment will ultimately have a greater financial impact than the initial cost."

Should consider durability, longevity and quality of workmanship.

Hecht said: "How long a machine can last depends on the goods it cleans." "But generally, if it is a machine with a lower maintenance cost, it will take less time to rebuild and overhaul. "

Durability translates into reliability and minimizes long-term cost of ownership.

"Checking industry references and understanding what are common replacement parts and their costs is a pair of tools that will help evaluate each manufacturer under consideration," Mellen said. Another selection criterion to consider is whether you need a fixed or portable device. If your company has multiple locations, you can use a portable cleaner at each location as needed.

Finally, work with your industry suppliers to understand the support you get locally and from the manufacturer. Schultz said that excellent customer service and technical support are priceless.

He said: "The availability of parts is an important consideration." "Does the manufacturer stock the parts, or can you get the parts from a local parts store? This is important when your machine fails and production is interrupted-you How quickly can these parts be obtained?"

Schultz said that machines with fewer moving parts can be transformed into machines with lower maintenance costs.

What does a seed cleaner do?

Realize the preliminary classification of grains. After cleaning, the water is shaken off by the way of shaking, and the way of ventilation is adopted to dry the grains, and the drying is more uniform, with short time and low energy consumption.

What does cleaning seeds mean?

What is seed cleaning? This is the removal of any debris or low quality, infested or infected seeds and seeds of different species (weeds) that are foreign to the sample.

What is the name of machine which is used for cleaning of seeds?

Many seed- cleaning plants therefore separate the foreign material immediately with a machine called a scalper. Scalpers are of many types.

How do you clean small seeds?

Cleaning dry seeds usually involves simply drying and crumbling the pods or husks, then screening or 'winnowing' the seeds to separate them from the chaff. Chaff- the seed coverings and other debris separated from the seed in threshing grain.

Green Torch Seed Cleaner

The seed cleaner will clean many types of common grains, such as barley, spelt, rye, wheat, oats, corn, corn, soybeans, sunflower, rape, peas, dried beans, nuts, etc. After cleaning, the grains can be stored for planting or used in grain burning furnaces. Cleaners have also been used to separate the stems and leaves of peppermint. Frozen fruit leaves; sawdust from sawdust, small amounts of wood and plastic from sand and bark.

Green Torch Seed Cleaner

Our seed cleaner is manufactured according to your specifications, and the basis of our grain cleaner and seed cleaner is your sample. This allows us to meet your grain cleaning and seed cleaning specifications under any conditions. Our mobile and small seed cleaners and grain cleaners are available in various sizes and specifications. Please contact us or call for more information.

If need, welcome to contact us!

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