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How to Solve Seed Air Screen Cleaner's Problem?

Nov. 09, 2020

As a Seed Air Screen Cleaner Manufacturer, share it with you.

1. Low productivity: Reasons: insufficient feeding amount; too much impurity in grain; insufficient frequency (voltage); not horizontal rack; excessive inclination of gravity separation table.

Exclude: Check and exclude item by item according to technical requirements.

2. Gravity separation table top grains tilt to one side: reason: the machine is not level.

Exclude: Adjust the rear wheel screw and screw jack.

3. Fan vibration: Cause: impurities have entered the fan shell; the fan blades or hub are loose; the fan rotor is out of balance.

Elimination: Remove impurities; tighten blade bolts; remove the fan rotor and rebalance it.

4. Insufficient air volume: Reason: the voltage is not enough 380V; the fan rotation direction is wrong.

Remedy: adjust the screen voltage; change the direction of the fan.

5. The grain separation effect of the gravity separation table is not good: Reasons: the feeding volume is too large; the air volume is small; the air volume of each part is unevenly distributed; the angle of the whole machine is too large or too small.

Seed Air Screen Cleaner For Sale

Seed Air Screen Cleaner For Sale

Elimination: adjust the feed volume; increase the air volume; adjust the air volume adjustment boards of each part; adjust the inclination of the table.

Correct use of adjustment is a prerequisite to ensure the efficient and normal operation of the grain cleaner. To this end, you must work as follows. Grain cleaning machine

1. Inspection of technical status:

Check the integrity of the machine. Replace in time, repair damaged and deformed parts, tighten all loose bolts, and check all lubrication points comprehensively.

2. Choose a workplace:

The machine can work indoors and outdoors, and the slope of the site does not exceed the adjustment range of the machine. The cleaned grain can be fed from either side of the machine through the feeding auger. The net grain is transported to a place far away from the machine or loaded into a granary in time. There should be a wide working field around the machine to facilitate adjustment of the machine. If it is used indoors with drying equipment, the fixed mechanism should be redesigned according to the requirements of the process flow of the operation line and equipped with reasonable dust collection equipment.

3. Fixing of the machine:

When the machine enters the site, the feeding and net grain outlet positions should be reasonably arranged, the front screws on both sides should be placed, and the longitudinal horizontal level should be adjusted. Otherwise, the machine will work skewed and unevenly loaded, which will directly affect the grain cleaning effect.

4. Trial run:

The boot must be done smoothly:

① Check the direction of motor rotation: the main fan should rotate counterclockwise, and the transmission part should rotate clockwise from the pulley.

②Check whether the components of the whole machine are installed correctly.

③All screws should be tightened.

④Move the drive pulley by hand to see if there is any obstacle in operation.

⑤According to the transmission route, hook up the belt.

⑥ Install the belt protection cover. Carry out no-load trial operation; after all departments are operating normally, the grain cleaning operation can be carried out.

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