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What are the Types of Seed Processing Machinery?

Mar. 10, 2021

As a Seed Air Screen Cleaner Manufacturer, share with you.

The seed drying machine is a machine that uses hot air to force the moisture in the seed to drop below the safe moisture content to reduce mildew and ensure the quality of the seed and the germination rate. Seed drying machinery can be divided into two categories: batch type and continuous type. At present, continuous type dryers are used more frequently. Continuous dryers can be divided into four types: co-current, counter-current, cross-flow, and mixed-flow.

Seed Air Screen Cleaner

Seed Air Screen Cleaner

Seed Air Screen Cleaner processes the seeds according to their physical characteristics (width, thickness and length of the seed cleaner, etc.) and specific gravity to remove inert substances, immature, broken, seeds and impurities from the seeds after harvest. Machines and tools for miscellaneous materials such as grass seeds and waste seeds. There are several types such as air sieve cleaner, pit hole cleaner, gravity cleaner (specific gravity sorter) and so on.

Cotton seed delinting machinery. After the cotton seeds are mechanically stripped of the lint, the linters remaining on the cotton seed cleaning machine are removed by mechanical or chemical methods to reduce the residual lint content from 8% to 10% to less than 1%.

Seed coating and pelleting machinery. Including seed coating machine: a machine that coats the coating agent on the surface of the seed cleaning machine; seed pelleting machine: a machine that coats the pelleting material on the outer surface of the seed to make pellets of a certain size .

Complete sets of seed processing equipment. The general term for processing equipment and its supporting and auxiliary devices that can complete all the processing requirements of seeds.

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