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What is the Use Method of Seed Air Screen Cleaner?

May. 10, 2021

As a Seed Air Screen Cleaner Manufacturer, share with you.

Seed processing is an important means to realize the commercialization and standardization of seeds, and it is also an important measure to improve the quality of seeds to increase grain production and income. The realization of seed processing mechanization not only reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency, but also facilitates the storage and transportation of seeds, and increases the competitiveness of seeds in the market. Seed cleaning and processing is an important process in seed processing, and it is also the key to improving seed quality. Seed cleaning and processing mainly include: screening according to the shape of seeds, winnowing according to aerodynamics, and gravity selecting according to seed density.

Seed Air Screen Cleaner For Sale

Seed Air Screen Cleaner For Sale

Why do the seeds need to be cleaned? After harvesting, corn or soybean seeds contain underfilled kernels, broken kernels, immature kernels, insect food kernels, and are also mixed with other crop seeds, weed seeds, broken straws and soil blocks, sand, Dust etc. These mixtures generally carry a large amount of bacteria, are easy to absorb moisture, and can cause the quality of the seeds to deteriorate, so the seeds must be cleaned and processed. Seed cleaning includes two aspects: seed cleaning and seed selection. Seed cleaning is to remove the inclusions in the seeds; seed selection is to completely separate the full seeds and other impurities from this mixture, and divide the seeds into different grades according to size and relative density.

The working process of the corn sieve leakage cleaning machine:

The corn is poured in from the upper feeding port. After entering the silo, it is screened for the first time through the air exhaust port. For the first time, some relatively light materials such as rice bran, wheat husk, bran, dust, etc. are excluded. Then enter the first layer of sieve: use a relatively large mesh to sift the bulk impurities, such as corn cobs, soybean flakes, peanut skins, etc. Large impurities will remain in the first layer of screen, through the vibration motor, the debris will be vibrated to the debris outlet, the materials that need to be screened will leak into the lower screen, proceed to the next layer of screen → second Layer screen, the mesh is relatively small, that is, the small impurities in the corn are cleaned. The mesh of the screen is larger than the material to be sieved, and the material cannot leak, and it will be transmitted to the discharge port by the vibration force for filling. 

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