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  • 5XHC Series Seed Air Screen Cleaner
  • 5XHC Series Seed Air Screen Cleaner
  • 5XHC Series Seed Air Screen Cleaner

5XHC Series Seed Air Screen Cleaner

5XHC series air screen cleaner adopt closed air cleaning system, collect light impurities by cyclone system, environmental protection and same time remove out small&big size impurities in seeds.
Product Description:

5XHC series air screen cleaning machine is a updated machine from 5XC series air screen cleaning machine, it update to double air cleaning system, will collect the light impurities by cyclone system, much effectively to remove light impurities and same time reducing dust pollution, sanitation with more environmental protection.

It have three main parts: elevator transport system, environmental protection air dust cleaning system and screen sifting system. 

The elevator transport system, we adopt Adopt double cylinder ultra-low speed elevator, makes the crushing rate is less than 0.1%.

double air cleaning system with syclone system,  can effectively separate straws awns, dust and other kinds of light impurities and colloct to reduce the air pollution.

In the screen cleaning system, it will sift our the big size and small size impurities according to the seed geometry size (length, width, thickness).

The vibration motor not only makes the machine compact structure, reduces the failure rate no special requirements for the use of the place, can mobile operation. 

5XHC seed air screen cleaner

 introduction of 5XHC air screen cleaning machine

Technical Parameter:
Item |Model5XHC3.05XHC-5.05XHC-7.05XHC-10
Cleanness improve2%-5%2%-5%2%-5%2%-5%
Selected rate≥98%≥98%≥98%≥98%

Advantage and Application:

Advantage of air screen cleaning machine:

Widely use, suitable almost all kinds seed, grain and granular material processing industrial.

Closed two times air dust cleaning system, with more environmental protection

Though changing screens to process different grains seed

all kinds grain seeds

suitable for all kinds grains 

  • Double cylinder ultra-low speed elevator, makes the crushing rate is less than 0.1%

  • Easy to operate, easy to replace screen, flexible to move, easy to transport, high reliability.

  • It can combine with gravity cleaner, destoner, seeds grading coating machines to a complete production line. 

simple seed processing line

          simple seed processing line 

Customized seed processing project:

This seed air screen cleaning machine can remove dust, light, small and big size impurities for corn and other kinds of grains, but to same size impurities and seeds that cannot germinate, need another gravity separator, to remove same size impurities, separate out moldy kernel, immature shriveled, insect damaged seed or broken seed to ensure the maximum quality of the final product.

And to protect seed from Pests and diseases, a seed coating machine is demand.

Some grain seed need to grading to reach to the consumption and Market sale purpose, also need grading machines.....

So we designed this machine can work with gravity separator, destoner, seeds grading, seed coating machines to a complete production line to meet client different purpose, we supply customized design depend on client need.

custsomized seeds cleaning and processing project

customized grain seeds processing line

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