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  • More seed Processing Accessory Machines
  • More seed Processing Accessory Machines

More seed Processing Accessory Machines

Green Torch supply you more-seed-processing-accessory-machines
Dust Filters:

Green Torch supply two the Flexible dust filter and cloth dust filter for client choosing depend on needing, these two machines are mainly to collect the air dust impurities during cleaning machines running,can effectively improve the working environment of the workshop , it can equip with our 5.0 series seed cleaning machines.

dust filter

Mobile dust filter and cloth dust filter

Buffer Bin and Plain Trolley:

About the buffer bin: 

The buffer storage bin is for short time store materials during the complete line processing. Also can use for finished seeds storage, can connect with packing machine for convenient packing.

Cappacity: 500KG-5Tons depend on client needing

buffer bin and plain trolley

Buffer storage bin and Plain Trolley

About plain trolley

 Size: 1687×800×456  Loading weight: 1000-5000kg

The plain trolley mainly use for transport the materials, suitable for all kinds factory inside transport works.

We have two types of plain trolleys in pneumatic and non-pneumatic tires for client choose.

Manual selecting Platform:

The manual selecting platform is we design according to the demand of crops no impurities, and the machine cannot meet the requirements, manual sorting is required. The belt speed control adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. The best belt speed can be selected according to the actual situation. The machine is equipped with magnet selecting remover and lighting device. The length of this machine can be customized according to the personnel.

This machine can also use in other industiries depend on needing. 

manual selecting platform

manual selecting platform

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