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  • 5BY Seed Coating Machine
  • 5BY Seed Coating Machine
  • 5BY Seed Coating Machine

5BY Seed Coating Machine

The seed coating machine repeated spraying medicine on the seeds face, will overcome the defect that seed epidermis is rough and not easy to pack evenly, protect seed from Pests and diseases damage.
Product Description:

The 5BY seed coating machine is a perfect seed treat machine for seed companies. It will spay the chemical medicines on the surface of seeds evenly. The Chemicals can be insecticide, fungicide, compound fertilizer, trace elements, plant growth regulator, slow release agent, etc. Help seed Improve the overall germination rate of seeds and enhance plant growth.


seeds after coating

The Seed coating machine repeatedly spraying chemicals on the surface of seed, to protect seed from diseases and insect pests, and ensure that the seeds germinate in the best condition.

The seed coating machine system Consists of bucket elevator, coating machine, liquid medicine barrel and air compressor.

The coating durm and liquid medicine barrel adopt the stainless steel material, much durable.

coating machine

Green Torch seed coating machine

The seed coating machine adopt soft repeated spray mixing method, overcome the problem  of seed epidermis is rough and not easy to pack evenly. The liquid medicine and seeds are simultaneously measured to prevent the coating quality accident caused by too much or too little medicine in the coating process.

Technical Parameter:
Mixing ratio of drug species 1:20~1:120
Coating uniformity≥98%
Breakage rate≤0.1%
Automatic cleaning rate≥95%
Use reliability≥98%
Coefficient of variation of drug species ratio≤2.5%
nozzle pressure0.4 MPa
Precautions and Advantage:


1. It is strictly forbidden to approach this machine after drinking, pregnant women, minors and non-workers.

2. The working site of this machine is required to be spacious, ventilated, have enough escape space, and backup reliable fire extinguishing equipment.

3. After the work is completed, all the materials inside the standby device should be discharged, and then run for 1 to 2 minutes before shutting down.

4. When not in use, place the machine in a place that is protected from rain and sun.

5. The seed coating agent must be filtered by the filter basket in the liquid supply tank; the liquid supply system is strictly prohibited from entering the seed particles and other sundries to prevent clogging the nozzle.


1. Widely use, suitable for all kinds grain seeds, cops, Vegetable seeds and so on.

2. Mix the liquid medicine and seeds evenly, no rushing seeds

3. The coating machine body and liquid medicine tub adopt stainless steel material, much durable

4. Easy to operate, flexible to move, easy to transport, high reliability.

5. It can combine with air screen cleaner, gravity separator, gravity destoners to a complete  seed processing line.

cleaner and grader.jpg

Simple seed processing line

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