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  • 5XJC Series Seed Gravity Separator
  • 5XJC Series Seed Gravity Separator
  • 5XJC Series Seed Gravity Separator

5XJC Series Seed Gravity Separator

Gravity separator remove the same size impurities and the seeds can’t germination, like moldy kernel, immature shriveled, insect damaged or broken seed to ensure maximum quality of the seeds.
Product Description:

The gravity separator is a key machine in grain seeds processing.

According to the principle of the segregation of particles and density in the process of fluidization of granular materials, adjusts the technical parameters such as wind pressure and amplitude of the gravity separator, to make the materials exchange the positions and produce stratification. The heavier seed falling downwards, and the light parts drifts upwards. After entering the dropping area, the materials of different types are discharged from different parts according to the requirements, which has achieved the purpose of select our the good seeds.

seed gravity separator

gravity separator

The equipment is widely used in the grain seed processing and crop processing industries. It can remove mildewed grains, insect damanged grains, powdery mildew grains, bud grains, and also can remove the size smaller than 2mm heavier impurities, like Sand, stones, clods, maximum improve seed quality. 

Technical Parameter:

Green Torch 5XJC seed seperator capaciy from 3T/H to 5T/H, can make special design for large capacity depend on client need.

item | Model5XJC-3AS5XJC-5AS
Capacity (KG/H)30005000
Selected rate98%98%
Crashing rate≤0.1%≤0.1%
Awn cleaning rate≥95%≥95%
Move speed(KM)≤10KM≤10KM
Advantage and Application:


1. Widely use, suitable for all kinds grain seeds, crops, Vegetable seeds and so on.

2. Widely improve the germination rate of all kinds grain seeds

3. Easy to operate, easy to change the screens, high reliability.

4.  flexible to move speed can reach to 10KM/H, can mobile processing maize.

5. It can combine with air screen cleaner, destoner, coating machines to a complete production line.


Though adjusting the technical parameters such as wind pressure and amplitude of the gravity separator, it can suitable for different grains and cropes seed processing, like maize, wheat, sesame, paddy, millet, cotton seeds, soya bean, sorghum, oat, ground nut, pumpkin seed, melon seed, sunflower seed, buckwheat, green bean, red bean, black bean, pea, chickpea, Alfalfa seeds, cassia seed, grass seeds and so on.

seed gravity separator

Diffrent kinds of grains and crops seed

Complete Seed Processing Line:

The gravity separator normal used after the air screen cleaning machine, further improve the quality of seed. But to protect seed from Pests and diseases, a seed coating machine is demand.

seed gravity separator

simple seed processing line

Some grain seed need to grading to reach to the consumption and Market sale purpose, also need grading machines.....

In some area, the harvest crops have much same size with seed stones, need a destoner specially remove out stones......

So we designed this machine can work with air screen cleaner, destoner, seeds grading, seed coating machines to a complete production line to meet client different purpose, we supply customized design depend on client need.

seed gravity separator

seed processing projects and design

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